Sassy : the cider with a taste for today

Sassy : the cider with a taste for today

Fashionable, delicate and elegant, cider is a having a re-awakening. 5 years ago, two former financiers, Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier and Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourdren, launched a new brand onto the market: Maison Sassy. High quality products, which they want to see served on all the best tables.

Childhood friends, Xavier and Pierre-Emmanuel, have always helped out at the Château de Sassy with the apple harvest to produce the family cider. Now, the two friends – passionate about the Norman terroir – have decided to collaborate on a project: to dust off the image of cider, which has lain forgotten for far too long. 

“On the menus of bars and restaurants, we couldn’t see any reference to cider, or it was ciders to which we couldn’t relate.” Pierre-Emmanuel

In order to shake off this traditional image, the two friends decided to break down the codes.

An innovation which passes not only by the taste with its “distinctive signature”, but also by the packaging. Their ciders are sold in white glass with transparent signs, giving it a “no look label”.

“Our aim has been to recreate more innovative products, more delicate and more balanced. That also comes through in a communication more hip, with more modern, trendy, bottles.” Xavier

The two friends have become pioneers and have launched their products via new distribution networks, not previously explored: starred restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels and even palaces, as well as concept stores.

The brand is developing at high speed, notably on the international scene (Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong etc.). A true success story for these two Normans whose aim is to “bring cider up-to-date in terms of flavour, highlighting the Norman terroir and the family know-how.”

*Alcohol can be dangerous for your health. Please drink responsibly.